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Day trips from Fez

Fez Sightseeing- 1-day excursion in Fez

After breakfast in your Riad, you will start exploring the oldest city in Morocco, walking in its alleys and small streets. We will visit the most historical monuments: The Royal Palace gate, the Jewish headquarter (the first Mellah ever built in Morocco). We will ensure that you visit all sites with cultural and historical interests including the famous Al Qaraouine University; the oldest in the region, the Tanneries… After lunch, you will visit the tiles cooperative and then experience a wonderful panoramic view over the whole Medina of Fes.


Excursions from Fez- 1 day trip from Fez to Volubilis and Meknes:

In the morning we get ready for an excursion day starting from Fez to Roman ruins and  ahead to the Ismailian capital Meknes. In Volubilis, this UNESCO  world heritage ; we will have a visit and learn about its historical mosaics secrets. Afterwards, we move just abit to the most sacred holliest town of Zerhoun where many Muslims use to annually come pray at the tomb of this descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. Then, we leave all this behind and go to Meknes where to see the beautiful gateway “Bab Mansour” as well as  Hdim square, Moulay Ismail Tomb and the Sehrij-Swani which is a tank to reserve water built during the Ismailian crown. Back to Fez.


Excursions and tours in Fez- travel in Morocco
For those with a reasonable amount of time in Fez, day trips are a great way to take a break from the Medina. The usual destinations are Meknes and Volubilis. However today we would like to suggest another town in the Middle Atlas. We will take you via Imouzzer to the resort and university town of Ifrane. Ifrane is a little like a European alpine village and the architecture which will remind you of Switzerland. We will have full day to walk around Ifrane before we head down to the Cedar forest to visit apes’ habitats before we drive back to Fez.


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